One of my missions as the English Lead at Halley is to ensure that all our children have the opportunity to develop a love of reading. All of us at Halley are passionate about the importance of reading. Reading can take you to other places and open up opportunities right from a the spot you sit on. So please help us by making sure your child has a time to read at home and quiet space maybe just before bedtime. Each month we will be sharing book recommendations that are age appropriate and linked to what we are learning in school.

This Month's Recommendations

Useful Leaflets

myOn Reading Resource

We have now subscribed to an incredible online resource that will allow your child to access over 7,000 wonderful books online. It is called myOn and it is free for your child to use. Please support them with logging until they feel confident to do it themselves.

  1. Go to
  2. Your child's homepage will look like this:
  3. They will need to enter the school name, their username and password.

Their teacher will send home a reminder of their username and password very soon. Below is a link to a short video tutorial on how to access the website: 

Why can't I skip my reading?