Year 1

Overview of Learning 2016-17

Topic Learning Project - Spring 2019

Autumn 1 - A day in the life - Things people do

The big idea

It can be fun to imagine what we want to do when we grow up. The world is full of lots of different and exciting jobs. But we should remember to celebrate the things we can do now – the hobbies and interests that we enjoy, and the learning we do at school to help us achieve our goals.

Year 1 Curriculum Overview Autumn 1 2017

Autumn 2 - People of the past

The big idea

History is one big story, filled with important people who did many great things - scientists, rulers, artists, writers and explorers. By learning about these people and what they did, we can find out more about the qualities that make someone great!

Spring 1 - All dressed up

The big idea

Have you ever seen an elephant in a dress, or a giraffe in a pair of jeans? Of course not, because unlike animals, only humans wear clothes. Clothes are an important part of our lives. They can keep us warm (or cool). We can wear different colours and designs and change them for different occasions, we can follow the latest fashions – and even make them ourselves! So what do the clothes you wear say about you?

Year 1 Curriculum Overview Spring 1 2018

Spring 2 - Magic Toy Maker

The big idea

Toys come in many shapes and sizes. They are made of different materials but all are designed for us to have fun with, to learn new skills and to exercise our bodies and our imagination.

Year 1 Curriculum Overview Spring 2 2018

Summer 1 & 2 - From A to B

The big idea

Every day people all over the world make different types of journeys – on land, on sea and in the air. To make these journeys we have invented lots of different ways of getting from A to B. Let’s find out what some of them are!