Year 6

Overview of Learning 2016-17

Year 6 Knowledge Organiser - World War II

Autumn 1 - The holiday show; Location and Tourism

The big idea

We will be finding out about our responsibilities as tourists, and the impact that our choice of holiday and travel destination can have on the human and physical environment.

Year 6 Curriculum Overview Autumn 1 2017

Autumn 2 - AD 900

The big idea

What holds an empire together? Perhaps it is faith – a belief in a single god or many different gods. Perhaps it is dependency – a need to work together and to help one another. Or perhaps it is leadership – strong individuals whose power and wisdom are admired. These bonds help to make empires strong. But the bigger they become, the more difficult they are to hold together...

Spring 1 & 2 - Go with the Flow - Rivers

The big idea

Rivers play a vital role in shaping the geography of our planet, providing nutrients, habitats and transport for people, plants and animals, and also supplying us with energy to power machinery and generate electricity. Rivers really are our most precious resource!

Year 6 Curriculum Overview Spring 1 2018

Year 6 Curriculum Overview Spring 2 2018

Summer 1 - SATs Revision

Help your child to revise for their Year 6 SATs by encouraging them to log in to these fun websites...

Summer 2 - They See the World Like This

The big idea

People have been making impressions of the world since prehistoric times when we painted animals on the walls of caves. Throughout history, different cultures in different places and times have developed new skills and new ways to express themselves. Now it’s your turn! You are going to paint your impression of the world through art, music, dance, and much more.