Sports Day 2018

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Maya - I was so tired after. It was so fun.

sumaya - I had fun but i didn't really win that much

Ishaq - It was fun with the girls

Somaiya - It was so much fun

Sara - That was so fun, I won 5 out of 6 games

yaseen - it was the bestest:)

yaseen - I loved competing with the girls and i had a lot of fun

Nafisa - I enjoyed sports day, though my legs hurt so bad after it

Dhakiyah - It was so much fun! Me and Ishaq were having a great competition!

Taslima - Well done teachers

Wendy - Thank you for a brilliant day everyone. Such a fantastic effort from all our athletes and the whole team. Very glad that the staff retained their tug of war champions title!

Mia - It was so fun! Although I didn’t get first I got third. They are great photos

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