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Halley News - 13th February 2015

Everyone at Halley has been thinking about how to take action against bullying this week. Parents attended a workshop to learn more about what the school does to stop bullying and to support anybody who has a problem with bullying.

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13th February 2015

Halley News - 28th January 2015

Congratulations to all of Year 3 for their amazing art work which is part of an exhibition at Cayley school celebrating the work of different artists and using different paintings about water as a starting point.

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28th January 2015

Halley News - 16th January 2015

I hope that you all had a relaxing holiday. It was lovely to see you all return to school last week and to hear about what you had been doing.

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16th January 2015

Halley News - 5th December 2014

A group of Halley pupils joined children from other schools in the Stepney Schools Partnership for a morning of paralympic athletics.

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5th December 2014

Halley News - 21st November 2014

On Friday 14th November we celebrated Super Hero Day in aid of Children in Need. Lots of people dressed up and costumes that we saw included The Hulk, Iron Man, Wonder Woman and Danger Mouse.

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21st November 2014

Halley News - 7th November 2014

Many of our families were very busy during the half-term holiday. Some of you visited museums to find out about life in the past and some went to the Tower of London to see the poppies which commemorate the soldiers who lost their lives in the first Worl

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7th November 2014

"Whatever my children achieve in the future, we shall never forget that Halley is where it all began"

- A Parent