Halley's Aims Statement

The school has defined seven principles through which it aims to provide a learning environment for all associated with it, whether they are children, parents, staff, other professionals or the wider community of Tower Hamlets.

They are also principles by which we try to evaluate our work and support the diverse needs of the community in which we work.

These principles are:

  • Independence
  • Time
  • Communication
  • Achievement
  • Relationships
  • Equality
  • Security

For Children:

Our aim is to deliver the National Curriculum by providing high quality teaching and rich experiences for all our children to learn well and achieve their personal best.

We aim to provide the best resources, facilities and programmes of work to meet the breadth and range of a child’s personal and educational needs in the most cost effective way.

For employees:

We are committed to providing appropriate resources and training to support professional development and personal achievement. We value our staff team and aim to provide a high quality, supportive working environment where the contribution of each individual is recognized .

For all those who work in the school on a regular basis:

We hope to create a welcoming atmosphere where there exists good communication, exchange of ideas and the facilities and conditions for colleagues to carry out their role effectively in the best interests of the children.

For Parents:

Children achieve best when home and school work together.

The school is committed to building strong links with parents based on trust, mutual respect and a shared knowledge and understanding of each child.

For the wider community:

It is our intention to develop a greater knowledge and awareness of the wider community in order to understand children, support their families and to benefit from the richness of opportunities for positive interaction and co-operation. We are committed to exploring partnerships with both community and business groups to promote active citizenship on a local, national and global scale.

2002 and kept under regular review (most recent 2014)