Year 4 - Diwali

Watch Year 4's assembly all about Diwali.


Child - I really enjoyed watching the video back again

hamidah - i was soo happy i never forgot my lines

aysha - Every time I look at it I feel proud

Resma - It was a great assembly.

zara - The performances was amazing and everyone worked hard

umarah - I LOVED the assembly it was fantastic

Dad - My daughter worked extremely hard

Fahima - I loved the assembly, it was great. I had fun being a monkey that was fighting

Nafisa - I loved it

Sara - I really enjoyed my assembly and was fantastic!

safia - I really enjoyed year 4's assembly and was an amazing performance

Ruhida - I enjoyed the assembly, but I wasn't in the assembly I watched it on the phone

Dhakiyah - I enjoyed the assembly and everyone worked so hard for it

Aysha - I LOVED performing in front of the hall

Nazifa - I really enjoyed my assembly

Mommy - I loved the performance because it was like amazin'

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