'Still I Rise', poem written by Maya Angelou performed by girls from Aquila Class

Poems written by poets in Aquila Class, inspired by George the Poet

What Happened

I walk on the pitch thinking it gonna be the best of my life.
What happened?
I go outside not feeling welcomed   trying to hide. I'm going around the street see all this. What happened to sunshine and flowers? These people thinking, these buildings are their towers. But seriously what happened to sunshine and flowers.?
How did this all happen, when did it happen?
Thugs all around, while I'm trying to make a change. But one day while I go home hearing footsteps behind, but then suddenly everything goes black. But seriously what happened to sunshine and flowers?
I wake up not knowing what happened?
The doctor says I might not make it.
This is how I realise how important life is, don't waste it on drugs. Then growing up to be a thug.
Just do the right thing.
Stop pulling the string.
What happens to sunshine and flowers?
Just stop this and make it go away.

By Yaqub

We Are All Equal

We are all equal
Racism is happening can you see?
Faith and kindness is all you need.
I can't stand this anymore,
We need to change something for sure.
Are you on my team?
You are the one I need.
We are all equal, aren't we?
Yes, we are, I agree

We are all equal.
Should I repeat?
We are all equal.

I see the colour of racism not every day,
but every minute
Think about other people,
Think about their life.
Think of how they are treated,
Sometimes with a knife.
Put the knife down.
Try to calm the situation.

We are all equal.
Should I repeat?
We are all EQUAL.

By Fatema

Life is a gift

There are ups and downs like a lift
Some are treated differently because of their skin
Racism is a sin
In the distance you hear shooting...
And people screaming...
Flash lights beaming...
Life is a gift...

By Myesha

Take a Look

Look at the world
One comes and one goes
Look at life
It fades away
Some people don't know what to say
Look at someone
Give them a smile
Look at the streets
People are getting the beats
Look at people
Holding knifes

By Ayaan Islam


Fatema-Aquila class - Hello Shosh, I just wanted to let you know that I have been writing new poems and I can't wait for you to see them. Thank you

year 5 - Awesome! These poems are lovely and Fatema yours really stood out and the I rise poem by the year 6 girls was awesome. Did you memorise them?

Shoshannah Thompson - Fatema, I can’t wait to hear your redrafted poem.

Shoshannah Thompson - As you four poets above know, you brought me to tears with your poems when you read them to me on Friday - I am speechless, and my advise is keeping on writing what you feel and think about.

Margaret Gosley - These are marvellous poems - and I’m a performing poet who belongs to a group of performing poets so I know the truth - and they are marvellous,poems. -keep writing, keep writing - we need to hear your,words.

year 5 - These are great poems

Fatema-Aquila class - Hello Shosh, I just wanted to let you know that I made a huge change to my poem and I would like to perform my new poem when I come back to school
Thank you

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