Hello to Year 6


Aizah - Im reading candy floss which I would recommend to you, so don’t judge ?‍⚖️ a book by its cover.

maryama - To Maysha and Iqra it's on your parent's email and you'll see Halley it's very easy and I enjoy it and you will too

maysha - Hello Sharon I have been going on Getepic and been reading a lot however i cant choose which was my favourite.

Iqra - Hi don't have a password for the office please let me know when you know?

Iqra - Hi. You gave us a new thing called office but I don't have a password I may need one. Thank you?

Raisa - Hey sharon thank you for checking in on everyone? . I am currently reading cookie and i am enjoying it. ?

Jehin - Hello

Yaseen - Hi

Sharon - Hello Year 6. Thanks for continuing to add your recommendations for ‘good reads’. Are you able to find books on the ‘getepic’ website that you are enjoying? I hope so. Take care.

Naima - Hi Sharon! Just like you i am enjoying reading and I'm also reading journey to the river sea. Its a great book and I would recommend it. To prove it i am on level 13 on epic. I also like to read animal books.
:) have a lovely time and stay away from the illnesses every one.

maryama - I am currently reading women in science, its the best book I have read so far and I'm enjoying this book a lot!

Reeha - Hi Sharon
I am currently reading the boy at the back of the class I try read a chapter everyday I would recommend this book to everyone I would rate it ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️
Stay safe

Sharon - Hi Year 6,
Amazing to hear all of your recommendations for books to read. I'm aiming to try and keep 2 books 'on the go ' at the same time- one written for children, one for adults. So I am going to start with your suggestions so far: the Secret Garden, Pog, Tom Gates (which I know my son loved age 11) and Billy the Sailor. Saarah, I'm not sure I'm brave enough to read 'After Dark'! Are you all managing to find books to read? Revisiting old favourites that you have on your bookshelves is a great idea.
I really hope you and your families are keeping safe and well. I miss you all. Sharon

Aizah - I'm reading ? Billy ??the sailor ? So far it's epic ?

Saima - Hiya Sharon! I have been reading, The brilliant world of Tom Gates and I've enjoyed reading it so far- I would recommend it for someone who enjoys reading comedy books

Judith - Hi Sharon! I am getting ready to ready 'The Charlie Small Journal!'

Aizah - I'm reading ? the lions ?,witch & the wardrobe so far it's epic ??

Radiya - I also am reading After Dark. It really enjoyable.

Radiya - I don’t know which is my favourite but I love reading them.

Sharon - Hello Saarah and Maryam,
Great to hear you’re enjoying reading at home. The book l’m reading- Journey to the River Sea- is a book that hopefully we will read altogether very soon. I like your recommendations Saarah. Maryam see if you can recommend at least one of your books. ?

Iqra - Hi Sharon. I'm reading pog again it's really interesting and adventurous
I would give pog 5 stars ✨ thanks for letting Yr 6 get 2 books I read them too. ???

Dean - Hey Year 6
Hope you are all well?
Well I’m currently reading the autobiography for one my favourite footballers.

Sameera - I’ve been reading the Secret Garden it is very interesting

Saarah - I've been reading After Dark and I'm really enjoying it. I would recommend it for those who like a bit of fantasy and thriller. Plus a slash of horror.

maryam - I don’t know which book is my favourite because I’m reading so many books in one day.

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