Year 6 2010 - 2018


Maya - Thank you for being there always!

Nazifa -
That was the best years of my life

Kayla - I really miss them ??

simrah - 2019 year 6 in Halley. I feel like I'm gonna cry on the last day. I love my class so much and I'm gonna miss them

jaber - Cool and fabulous, I love you guys

Maria (old year 6) - Hope you guys had a fun time.

somaiya - l will miss you all

Aysha - Thank You to my very best of friends. They know who they are. Love you always.❤️

Zara Bhuian - I will never forget about halley again thank you

Mahdi - Those are unforgettable moments :(

Zara bhuian - Bye year 6 I will never forget Halley ever

Yahya - Thank you for everything you’ve done ✅????????????????

Yahya - You were ?? thank you so much??

Wendy - You have been an amazing Year 6 - thank you for all your contributions to Halley. We all leave together to start our new adventures. Have fun!

Yaseen - I will always remember Halley thank you everyone for your support and thank you teachers and Wendy I will miss you my class mates I will never forget you guys see you guys soon

Sara a - ??? I have no words.....

Mia - I miss everyone I will always remember Halley

Ummayyah - It is so sweet

Mahdi - I am going to miss Halley and all my friends ?

Ruhida - You all were the best

Kyle - I'm going to miss everyone so much and the routine of seeing the same people
Thank you everyone!

Yahya - I’ll always remember you year 6

Ilias - Yr6 was fun.

Nafisa - Halley will always be family

Fahima - I cry every time I watch this video ?

somaiya - This is the best

Zaynab - I will never forget Halley, ever! I will miss everyone there!

Zahra - I'm going to miss halley

Iqra - I'll never forget the year 6s

Sophie - I'm going to miss Halley so much

Sara - I will always remember halley

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