Year 6 Leavers' Party 2018


Ehsan - The party was so fun

Zara - I really liked all the outfits everyone wore especially Hasin with his suit

Yaseen - Im going to miss everyone in Halley. One of my favourite parts was when i was playing with Sumaiya.

Sara A - Its been a wonderful time at Halley. It's so sad we have to leave.

Anonymous - I am so sad ? that I could not attend this disco party. However, when I looked through these wonderful photos, it made my heart ache with happiness and sadness at the same time. Then after reading these comments (by Dhakiyah and Ishaq) it made me sadder that I couldn’t be there to make it all right. I miss my friends and I know they miss me to. Thank You for everything, Halley.

Κhaq - Me and Dhakiyah were exchanging soo much good thoughts. She is such an incredible friend!!? #awesomeparty

Dhakiyah - Halley is a great school and that party was fabulous! I stayed with Ishaq and Yaseen. They are good friends!?? Year 6 is fabulous!

Wendy - Thank you for being such a fantastic Year 6. Hope that you enjoyed the party.

Mia - Thank you to everyone who arranged the party. It was so fun. My favourite parts of the party were soaking Hellen ?and putting lipstick on her as well.?

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