Year 6 - Residential Trip to Gorsefield

The Year 6 class went away on their residential. It was a great success.


Mariyah - Gorsefield was the best trip ever. It was very fun with the whole class. Wish we stayed for way longer because I am missing it sooooooooooo much. Thanks to Aaron Dean Chloe and Helen for taking care of us. It was really fun and is a unforgettable memory. 😭😀

Inaya - Gorsefield was amazing! I had so much fun with my friends and there were many fun activities to do. Wish we stayed longer, I will never forget this trip. Best trip ever!😊

A Parent - My child had a great time. Thanks to the staff who went with them and looked after our children so well.

Samihah - It was the best trip in whole of Halley I really enjoyed it with my friends ! Wish we stayed for more longer I’m missing it a lot.

Kayla - Gorsefield was the best trip ever I didn't want to leave 😭😢😃😛😜😝

simrah - Gorsefield was so much fun but wished we could stay longer

Somaiyah.K - I loved Gorsfield soo much. Wish we could’ve stayed longer!

Ramisa - This trip was so fun I wish we could've stayed for longer and I really miss it right now!

Masoud - That was so fun

Summaya - Gorsefield was really fun!

Summaya - Gorsefield was really fun! I’m kinda missing it right now.

taslima - I only went for a day but it was really fun!!!!!!!

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