Year 6 at the Trampoline Park


Safia - Haaaa sumairaa its you right i know it is.

yay - Seriously who is wow?

Wow - Same so do I Safia

Safia - I just wish I was back in year 6. It was great then we had sooo much fun it was the best year in primary school ever.

Farhana - I wanna go again

Hamid - Give me good luck

Farhana - This was the best trip ever (after Gorsefeild)

Sabrine - Actually i will miss you guys a lot! 😢😢😢

Ishaq Miah - I really enjoyed this year especially better extreme . I was really enjoying my time until Zaara c beat but more or less it was great fun .
Thanks to Elias Oliver and Helen for this great event .

Ishaq - The best time moment of year 6

Farhana - That was really fun

Farhana - No you\'re not Zaara.

Zaara - I beat Ishaq ,Adil ,Raian ,and my friend Imaan. I AM THE BEST!!!!!!

Resma - I'm going too miss you all. I had a fun time.

Zara {yr5} - Oh that looks like great fun!

Resma - It was so fun. I'm going to miss you all

Safia - I am going to remember all of you. I am going to miss you so much ! This wouldn't of happened with out the staff. Thank you so much.

Maria - I beat everyone that I played with

Adil - I could never forget that day. Thank you Elias

Adil - You guys are a second family ❤️❤️❤️

Adil - I will miss you guys so much

Wendy - Amazing - you made me smile!

Iqra - That was so fun !!!

Sabrine - This was just 👌

Everyone was fighting for victory in that arena.

I will miss everyone!

Nadia - It was one of my best memories thanks staff

Farhana - I'm gonna miss everyone.

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