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Shoshannah Thompson

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  • 18/05 Zones of Regulation Part 2 Parent Session
  • 18/05 09:00 Year 6 RSE Parent Information Session
  • 18/05 09:15 Walk and Talk for Parents
  • 23/05 - 27/05 Healthly Schools Week
  • 25/05 Sports Day @ Mile End Stadium
  • 26/05 Queen's Jubilee Celebration
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@HalleyYear5 and @HalleyYear6 are learning how to signal left and right @BikeabilityUK


Today 10:11

@HalleyYear5 and @HalleyYear6 are carrying out there safety checks with @BikeabilityUK #safety #cycling #fun #roadsafe @HalleyPrimary


Today 09:42

Lyra class have visited @sciencemuseum yesterday. We really enjoyed the wonderlab. The electricity show was amazing. We also enjoyed learning about liquid nitrogen. #science #sciencemuseum #museum #trip #halley #learning


13-05-2022 10:13

In Ursa Minor the children are enjoying watching our little worms in our Worm World. They are learning and exploring these fascinating wiggly wigglers, and their valuable contribution to the world we live in. #eyfs #worms #handsonlearning


12-05-2022 10:19

Lyra class have just conducted a science experiment. We have concluded that the more baking power you add to vinegar the bigger the balloon becomes. #fun #learning #experiment #science #vinegar #bakingpowder #balloon #solid #liquid #gas #halley


09-05-2022 15:00



06-05-2022 13:19

"I am incredibly happy with the Year 6 learning and I feel that this time children have been more engaged and less bored. The weekly plan and timetable lessons has definitely helped all the children and somewhat helped children feel they are going to school but obviously learning from home. Routine was there and the help from all the staff has been great. Well done to Halley and the amazing team! Keep up the amazing work."

- Lockdown Feedback