Rights Respecting School

Halley has started an exciting journey to become a Rights Respecting School. This project has already been launched with all children in their classes at the beginning of this term.

The project is about supporting children to know and understand their rights. These are the rights that have been ratified by the UNCRC (United Nations Conventions of the Rights of the Child).

We have now achieved out Level 1 accreditation.

The Halley School Charter

Our whole school charter was developed in consultation with children and adults across the school. It sets out which articles from the United Nations Convention on the Rights of the Child we have agreed are central to fostering effective learning at Halley. Both adults and children have responsibilities which they have agreed to uphold for each right.

Find out more about the Halley School Charter...

Level 1 Accreditation

On Friday the 8th of July, the school was visited by UNICEF and assessed against the required four standards, for the Level One Rights Respecting Schools Accreditation. As a school community we had worked very hard towards this goal. Over the course of the day the assessor spoke to Wendy (our former Headteacher) and the S.L.T, twenty three children in a focus group from Reception to Year 6, steering group children that showed the assessor around the school and also staff, parents, support staff and parent governors.

The Assessment Judgement

Halley Primary School has met the Standards for Unicef UK’s Rights Respecting Schools Award at Level 1

The assessors comments were:

’Thank you for organising the assessment visit on Friday. I had a lovely day; please thank all the children I spoke to, they were so articulate and knowledgeable about rights. We will also add your school to the list of schools on our website that have achieved Level 1. Well done again on achieving Level 1.’

You can find out more about the Rights Respecting Schools Award on the Unicef website.