Children with Special Educational Needs

At Halley we recognise that ALL children learn in different ways and at different points in their educational journey and may at times need additional support. Our teachers and teaching teams work alongside a wide variety of professionals to ensure that we promptly identify, assess and plan provision to meet our children’s individual needs. This is underpinned by high-quality teaching for all our learners with SEN as part of our inclusive practice.

Mission Statement

At Halley Primary School, we strive to create a safe and inclusive learning environment which fosters the holistic development of each child, through valuing individual strengths to support a positive self-image and resilience as a learner. We build strong and meaningful relationships based on mutual respect and value. We adopt a person-centred approach by making time to listen, seeking the views of the child and putting them at the centre of special educational needs (SEN) processes. We want children, irrespective of need to be included in all aspects of school life and to be as independent as possible in order to develop the confidence to be autonomous individuals, well-prepared for the future as responsible citizens.

Our school community will acknowledge and draw on parental knowledge and expertise in relation to each child. We recognise that educational provision is more effective if parents are encouraged to fully engage with the school, to achieve positive outcomes for their child.


Our Accessibility Plan outlines what Halley Primary School currently has in place to ensure access to education for pupils with disabilities in the three areas required by the planning duties in the Equality Act (2010):

  1. Increasing the extent to which pupils with disabilities can participate in the school curriculum.
  2. Improving the environment of the school to increase the extent to which pupils with disabilities can take advantage of education and associated services.
  3. Improving information delivery to pupils with disabilities.

The governing body also recognises its responsibilities towards employees with disabilities and will:

  1. Monitor recruitment procedures to ensure that persons with disabilities are provided with equal opportunities.
  2. Ensure that employees with disabilities are supported with special provision to ensure that they can carry out their work effectively without barriers.
  3. Undertake reasonable adjustments to enable staff to access the workplace.

We firmly believe that every child who joins our school community will be welcomed and valued regardless of sex, race, belief or physical disability.

Further information is included in our Accessibility Plan.

SEND Information Report

Halley Primary School is an inclusive school which always strives to achieve its very best for ALL learners. It offers a range of provision to support children with various SEND including: communication and interaction needs, cognition and learning, social, emotional and mental health and physical and / or sensory needs.

If a parent has any enquiries regarding special educational needs, please contact Katherine Maciejewski:

Tower Hamlets Local Offer

All Tower Hamlets schools are committed to adopting a comprehensive approach to meeting the needs of pupils including those with Special Educational Needs and Disabilities (SEND). Further information for parents regarding access to services, advice and support for children with SEND can be found on the Local Authority website.