Halley’s school outfit was designed in consultation with pupils, parents and staff.  A school outfit is easier for parents and children to manage as it takes away the need to make daily decisions about what to wear for school.  A school outfit also looks smart and unites those who wear it as a team.

The basic colour of Halley’s outfit is a dark, navy blue background with highlight colours to make it more interesting.  A solid, dark background looks smart and does not show marks as easily as a lighter colour.  Navy blue is a practical and serviceable colour and is worn as trousers, skirts, tights, socks, sweatshirts and fleeces.  The three highlight colours, which are worn as polo shirts were chosen to represent features of the school and its location – red for the design features of the building, blue for the Tower Hamlets “wave” logo which represents the River Thames, and green for the nearby green spaces of Stepney Green and Mile End Park.  In summer some girls choose to wear cotton gingham uniform dresses which can be red, blue or green.

What makes this an outfit rather than a uniform is that on any given day there will be variation in the colour of the polo shirts which individual pupils choose to wear.  However, the solid background colour of navy blue, with its identifiable Halley logo should be a uniting factor, worn by every pupil throughout the school (apart from in the Nursery).

The vast majority of pupils at Halley wear their school outfit every day with pride.  However there are times when individuals disregard the agreed colour scheme and introduce their own choices.  What tends to make our pupils look less smart is if their outfit is not the agreed colour, if it is not washed regularly, is torn, faded or too small, if it has a vest or Tshirt in a different colour showing underneath it and if jogging bottoms are worn every day rather than for PE and sporting activities.

It was agreed by Governors that from September 2014 pupils will no longer be allowed to wear jeans or tracksuit bottoms as part of their school uniform. 
It was felt that jeans and jogging bottoms do not look smart and reflect badly on the image of the school.

The school PE kit is also designed to complement the school outfit – navy blue shorts, leggings or jogging bottoms with a navy blue Tshirt with Halley’s logo on (pupils will also need a pair of PE plimsolls). PE bags and book bags are red.

Branded items with the Halley logo on them – polo shirts, sweatshirts, jumpers and fleeces and Tshirts for PE, will now be available to purchase through UniformEasy – in participation with Tesco.  Parents are able to buy the non-branded navy blue items from other high street stores – trousers, skirts, tights, socks, shorts, jogging bottoms (for PE) and optional headscarves for girls.

Please  continue to support the school by ensuring that your children look smart and are wearing the correct Halley outfit with pride.  They will also need a smart PE kit and plimsolls to wear for PE and sporting activities on the days that it is required.  Pupils in Year 5 will need a swimming costume or trunks and a swimming hat.

The models at the front door show you what is expected.  If in doubt, please speak to a member of staff.