School and Staff will:

  1. respect the Rights of the Child as expressed in the United Nations Conventions on the Rights of the Child;
  2. ensure a safe, happy, respectful environment where every child is valued as an individual and encouraged to achieve their full potential as a valued member of the school community;
  3. promote high standards of learning and behaviour, and provide clear guidelines for learners and parents;
  4. provide a balanced and broad curriculum to meet your child’s individual needs;
  5. encourage children to be physically active and have a healthy lifestyle;
  6. teach children about honesty, positive behaviour, respect, equality and fairness;
  7. arrange regular meetings with parents to discuss your child’s progress and provide regular progress reports
  8. contact you if we have any concerns, and keep you informed about your child’s progress and how you can help them at home;
  9. be open and welcoming at all times.


Headteacher signature:     Date:  1st September 2023


Shoshannah Thompson

Deputy Headteacher

Rebecca Stainsby

Assistant Headteacher Inclusion & SEND

Shan Hardy

Assistant Headteacher Teaching & Learning      Tom Weddell 
School Finance & Governance Manager Rehana Begum

School Human Resources and Office Manager

Mehzabin Vali 
Attendance & Pastoral Support    Evieh Atinde    Evieh Atinde

Receptionist and Admin Officer

Ajid Ali



Area of Responsibility

Key Stage 2

Rhedwan Ahmed

Aquila Class Teacher │ Music Team

Thomas Weddell

Lyra Class Teacher │ Maths Lead & Curriculum Team

Wilfred Bairamian Lyra Trainee Class Teacher

Shamil Ahmed

Phoenix Class Teacher│ Computing Lead

Ayomikun Ayodele Orion Class Teacher

Key Stage 1

Jacqui Clare Leo Class Teacher │ Humanities & RE Lead
Sabina Akhtar

Pegasus Class Teacher

Foundation Stage

Fateha Begum

Ursa Major Class Teacher │ EYFS Support

Sharmina Begum

Ursa Minor Class Teacher Early Years Educator

Additional Teacher

Bethan Mason

Intervention Teacher | PHSE & School Council Lead

Teaching Assistants

Kulsuma Akter

Elaine Oliver

Isobel Mazibuko

Muslima Khatun

Abdul Kaiyuem

Shefa Begum

Sultana Chowdhury

Ahmed Abul Hasnat

Olivier Krommenaker

Claudia Samuels

Dean Pritchard (HLTA)

Ruhina Akthar (HLTA) 

Shalina Begum (HLTA)



Ella Brunton

Speech & Language Therapist

Eleni Amanatidou

Sports Team

Ahmed Abul Hasnat

IT Technician / Curriculum Team

Aaron Emmanuel

Art Team

Renata Krommenaker (HLTA)

MFL Team

Olivier Krommenaker (HLTA)

Midday Meals Supervisory Assistants

Aisha Bibi

Premises Manager

Gregg Grieve