Mental Health and Wellbeing

We all know how challenging these difficult times can be. Below you will find a range of websites we have put together that can be a port of call for support. The most important message we can share at Halley with you is if you need help please ask all the staff at Halley are here to support you, your child and families.


Anxiety can occur from many reasons and they can be quite complex, but our school therapist has shared some strategies and resources to support you help your child:

How can I support my child with anxiety?

  • Acknowledge  
  • Name and Normalise  
  • Be Curious  
  • Build Resilience

What does this mean?

Acknowledge the difficult experience and offer comfort, help your child feel safe and grounded.   

"that sounds really scary! If I'd been having those dreams/feelings I think I'd be feeling shaky too, shall we have a hug?"

Name and normalise the feeling  

"it sounds like you're feeling anxious and it's making your heart go fast and thoughts race in your mind. You know, it's not a nice feeling, but everyone gets anxious sometimes - and especially at the moment. Lots of children around the world are having these bad dreams/feelings and racing hearts, because things have been so upside down lately"

Be curious, offer your child the chance to talk more about it, if they want- this might involve drawing the dream or how it made them feel, or writing down/drawing any worries they were having, depending on how they can best communicate.

Build resilience for dealing with the feelings when it comes: help the child draw on their resources for feeling calm again - this will be particular to them- but could be a favourite book, teddy, game, some relaxing scents, lighting a candle, stroking a pet, etc.

Some children might like to put worry dolls or similar under their pillow.

If you would like further support to help you help your child cope, please give the school a call or drop us an email using the below address. Our school therapist is really happy to offer help, support and tips.