Ursa Minor - Fun Facts


Arti - Hello Saffiyah, Afrozah and everybody else,
I hope you and your families are well.
Afrozah - How is the bike riding going?

Saffiyah ? - Hi all just saying hello and hope everyone is well. Miss school and my friends very much. Stay safe stay well.

Afrozah - I miss you so much arti and everyone else

3 facts about me

1) I love eating chips and ketchup
2) I’m learning to ride my bike with stabilisers
3) my favourite animal are duckies

Saffiyah - Hi Arti and all thank you for the wishes.
I am well enjoying my time at home and playing lots of fun games this morning we are playing saffiyah's cafe I made my mum and brothers delish pretend breakfast . Enjoy your day .

Arti - Hi everybody, I hope you're all keeping well!
Happy belated birthday Saffiyah! How does it feel to be 4 years old?
I have really enjoyed reading all your fun facts.
Stay safe everybody and I will catch up with you all again soon.
P.S I will begin our daily activities on Monday. I'm just thinking about which book we should concentrate on. Do you have any suggestions?

Saffiyah - I like pizza
I just turned 4 on the 3rd of april 2020 my mummy and daddy bought me a new unicorn bike
I love broccoli and carrots and sweetcorn
Miss you all say safe .

Alisha - Hi Arti!
My favourite food is broccoli.
I always have my unicorn, turtle and kitty with me at bedtime.
I love making pancakes with mummy.
I miss my friends and everyone at the nursery.

Oliver - Hello Arti!
My favourite food is croissant.
I like playing with my cars.
I do not like cooking, but I like to watch mummy when she is cooking.
Happy Easter

Katherine - Hello Arti, Wow Isa I enjoyed reading your facts, especially reading the one about riding a bike! My 3 facts are:
I really like cats and squirrels!
When I was little we drove to Poland to visit my family!
I really, really enjoy roast dinners! Mmmmm... it's making me feel hungry now!

Judith - Hi Arti! Hope you are well!
3 fun facts
I do not drink hot drinks!
In my lifetime, I have run more than 10 1/2 marathons
I live by the River Thames

aleena uddin - I love spaghetti and pizza
I want to go ice skating
I miss my dadu (grandma, who passed away last year)

Isa - 3 run facts about me are:
I sleep in a bunk bed
My favourite food is chips
I don't know how to ride with no hands on my bike

Helen T - Hi Arti, Wow I didn't know that you needed glasses! My 3 fun facts are:1: I lived in Portugal for 3 years when I was younger, 2: I love to sing, and 3: My favourite food is pasta. I hope you are well. Helen T

Kathleen - 3 fun facts about me !
I have a campervan called Aggy.
My favourite food is Sushi.
I do not know to drive !
I cant wait to hear some more fun facts about Nursery.

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