Butterfly News - 27th April 2020



Helen T - Hello Aasiyah! I hope you are your family are well! It's lovely to hear from you. The butterflies have been released and I'll post some pictures of them later this week. I miss you too and look forward to the day when we can all come back to school. Take care and keep in touch! x

Helen T - Hi Maryam! Your teeth are falling out! Wow that means you are really growing up! Yes Mimi is a very sweet little cat, always purring and happy. Keep well Maryam x

Helen T - Hi Edris! Well done with answering the questions. I hope you are your family are all well.

Helen T - Hi Saffiyah! Well done with answering the questions and with writing a letter! I cant wait to read it! Also I can't wait to see the pictures of your own caterpillars! Lets hope the weather gets warm and you can continue to enjoy your pool. I wish I could join you all!

Aasiyah - Hello Helen! I’ve just stated watching your butterfly journey I’m so happy the caterpillars turned into beautiful butterflies. I miss you so much Helen and all my school friends. Can’t wait to see you all again ❤️

Maryam - Hi Helen!

There are butterflies in the net. You hang it from the washing line in her garden. Mimi was looking at the net. You will let them fly away.

“I was playing with my kitchen, I was reading books. Two of my teeth fell out and the tooth fairy gave me money cos my tooth fell out. Your cat is very sweet ?”

We miss you all

Saffiyah - Hi Helen
I wrote a letter my mum helped and I stuck it in my work book .
Past 5 weeks i have been enjoying playing at home we have a big garden so my dad bought a paddling pool we have been playing with the pool when it's hot I have a new bike so been doing daily exercise on that .I do miss my grand parents and cousins and all my friends and teachers of course . I enjoy colouring and drawing every day.
My big brother has ordered some caterpillars too as we have a butterfly net we was gifted last year so we will also be hoping to have beautiful butterflies we will take pics ans show you all .lastly Thank you to all the staff at Halley for all your amazing work and enthusiasm to keep us going . X

Edris - What is inside my net?

Where did I hang my net?
Washing line

Who is looking at the net?
Mimi the cat.

What is going to happen next?
When they are strong enough you will release them free so that they can fly away.

Saffiyah ? - Hi Helen
Washing line
Mimi the cat
When they are strong enough you will release them .

Helen T - Hi Aaliyah, you answered all those questions really well! I am so sorry to hear that you were poorly when school was closing. I do hope that you are feeling better now? Would you let me know? Also how is Safaa getting on with using the toilet? Please give me all your news. And take care. x

Aaliyah - Hi Helen,

Butterflies and oranges are inside your net and special drink. You hung the net on your washing line. Mimi is looking at the net. Next the butterflies will fly away.

I was feeling poorly when school was closing, I don't remember much more.... I did some drawing today, my daddy is talking to my cousin. I ate rice for lunch and I played with Safaa and I played with my toy bunny.

Butterfly ? Aaliyah Love ❤️

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