Caterpillar Update - 22nd April 2020


Helen T - Hi Amelia! Thanks you for the picture -put it in your home learning journal and I'll look at it when we are able to come back to school. I miss you too. Keep well x

Amelia - Hi Helen I miss you and I drew a picture for you. I cant wait to see the butterflies.

Helen T - A'Yaanah and Umar you were both correct! 4 butterflies emerged after 10 days and the last one the day after! Well done with your guesses!

Helen T - Hi Maryam, I miss you so much too and think of you all every day. Maryam the butterflies emerged from their cocoons at the weekend! We watched them come out! They took 10 days! So you were almost correct - you had a good guess. Take care Maryam and say 'hi' to your family for me. x

Maryam - Hi Helen,

“I think 2 weeks until they grow up into butterflies”. I miss you so much Helen”

Helen T - Hi A'Yaanah! I will tell my in-laws and they will be happy to hear that! Have a look at the next update - see if your prediction was correct! I miss you too. Take care.

A'yaanah - Hi Helena and Family, your In laws are so adorable.. Hope you all are well. We Miss You.
A'yaanah thinks it will take another 10-11 days for the them to fly...

Helen T - Hi Umar, thank you I had a restful Easter break with my family. That's a good guess - I'll let you know as soon as they emerge! Say hello to your family from me!

Umar - Hi Helen, hope you had a nice Easter.
I think the caterpillars will transform to butterflies in 10 days. I cant wait to see the transformation!???

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