Reception Class - Here We Are

In Ursa Major Class we have been enjoying the book 'Here We Are' by Oliver Jeffers. We have been thinking about our world and the people and animals that live here alongside us.

We drew portraits of ourselves and created a page of portraits just like the one in the real book.

We made 'journeys' into space!

We also talked about our pet fish that share the classroom with us and we talked about how to look after them. We created some guidelines to help everyone to care for them. and we drew some pictures of fish and talked about what they are doing. We also talked about the birds that visit our garden and we made bird feeders for them.


Amana - I think the drawings are so cute! ❤️

Helen T - I think the fish miss you too Kathleen - they are very reluctant to come out of their tunnel!

Kathleen - Glad to see the fish back in their proper home ! I will miss them.
Look after them Ursa Major

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